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Financial Problems Embattling Modern Homes

There are also cases when severe and prolonged financial problems caused the deterioration of marriage and parenting skills, which would, harms the children's mental health. This case occurs even "if the family is wealthy or lives in a country with generous economic welfare programs" (qtd. in Greer's "Families Financial Woes")
Causes and effects of pecuniary problems in the family could be another "chicken and egg" question. We can't surely pinpoint which is the cause and which is the effect. Although we have mentioned that financial problem is an upshot of other problems at home, we must understand that there are further underlying causes of financial quandary. The Crown Financial Ministries in its Internet article "Causes of ministers' financial problems" identified several causes of financial problems met by most of its ministers that are highly applicable to most families. ...
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Modern families today, whether rural or urban are embattled with a lot of problems ranging from minor to complicated ones. But most if not all of these troubles redound to a major cause - financial problems.
The lack of financial resources of the family would cause a lot of complications and worries such as: "danger of having gas or electricity turned off; getting behind in rent or house payments; not affording to keep household equipment and appliances in running order; not having enough food to last until there is money to buy more; inability to meet large bills; not enough money for dentist, doctor, or medicine; inability to buy new shoes or clothes; inability to buy special things kids w…
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