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Family Support - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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Marceline is a nineteen year old young mother who finds herself in a very troubled relationship. While Marceline is still married to Michael, her first love, she is separated from him because he left her for another woman and is now in a relationship with a man named Leon, from which a number of problems have spawned…

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Family Support

Now, her and Leon reside in a studio apartment in substandard living conditions. The toilet constantly runs, and there is peeling paint, which can become a safety hazard to the baby. Marceline and Leon have complained to their landlord about these issues; however, the landlord is not receptive to the complaints, though, he does allow Leon and Marceline to pay the rent late, so long as they pay in the same month and pay the late fee. Along with the financial trouble that she finds herself in, she is having relationship troubles, as Leon is very impatient towards her son, who obviously suffers from a developmental or behavioral problem of some sorts, and he is not at tentative to her, since the both of them have fallen into financial trouble. She has fallen into alcoholism to cope with life's difficulties, as she states that she consumes a number of alcoholic beverages during the evening in order to calm her nerves, and she abuses other substances from time to time. Leon engages in this behavior right along with her for the same reasons. Marceline is very confused about who to remain in a relationship with, as she has been intimate with Michael, as a result of troubles with Leon, and Michael wants to be in her life again, helping and caring for his son Michael Jr. ...
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