Please describe the most challenging managerial problem that you have faced and discuss how you solved it. What did you learn from this experience.

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As a project management professional, I have gained expertise in managing cross-functional teams and negotiating with strategic partners. Assuming the role of a manager has not at all times been pleasant. Being a good manager entails learning not only academically but also through experience.


More importantly, being a manager entails dealing with teams to effect congruent movement towards a desired direction. These teams are composed of people with different backgrounds with varied attitudes. As a manager, it is my duty to ensure that all these personalities work together effectively and efficiently in order to meet organization goals.
To date, the most challenging managerial problem I have encountered involves a particular team composed of well-performing individuals who cannot seem to work together as one. Personal differences get in the way of work and eventually cause them to be demotivated.
I have previously worked with these people and I believe in their skills and talents. However, as a team, I observed how they underperformed. This led to significant slippages which I immediately took note of. I knew I had to do something to motivate them and make them believe in their potential as a winning team if only they work as one.
Unlike machines or computers that can easily undergo troubleshooting, people are essentially more complicated to handle. From years of work, they have already formed their own perceptions about how things should be done or what the output should be. It is quite difficult to their attitudes and perceptions expediently so it took substantial patience in dealing with them.
In this case, I initially se ...
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