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Essay example - Emergent Democracies of South Africa and Chile

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Democracies function on the basis of the willpower of rulers, how they respect and implement the electoral process, how the pluralism in the society is respected and to what extent the general people can enjoy civil liberties. Though the extent of civil liberties varies from country to country, depending upon a range of factors like the population density, literacy level and the overall development of the nation, yet the basic fabric of such liberties remains similar…

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Democracy literally means free and equal representation of people. Therefore, a general perception has firmly taken shape over the years that civil liberties and human rights are better served under a democratic form of government. Though there are examples like Jordan, where the King is the supreme power, but the countrymen enjoy all their civil rights. But such examples are few and far in between. On the other hand most of the democratic nations have been known to follow the rule of law, and if at any point of time, variations are noticed, the system provides enough rights to the citizens to take up the matter and bring the matter into the notice of appropriate authority. In this study an effort has been made to study the determined transition of Chile and South Africa towards becoming responsible democratic nations. Although much literature has been published by reputed scholars regarding the elements of democracy, a closer scrutiny of the two countries which emerged onto the road to democracy in divergent manners will provide a fuller understanding of the elements of a democracy and look for common flaws in the move towards democracy. ...
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