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Essay example - Teenage Pregnancy: What is the main Causative Factor

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In the past decade teen pregnancy has risen as one of the most astounding complications within teenage life. Becoming pregnant at 13 or 15 impacts the lives of teenagers in a way that research has defined even promotes clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, fear, worry, and even isolation…

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Before the problem of teen pregnancy is attacked, it is important for both teens and adults to have a better understanding of exactly what the issues are, and to acknowledge the extreme differences between the lies and the facts.
The sources that will be utilized as primary ones are scholarly and academic journals from online University Access. These will be journals such as: Blackwell & Synergy, Pubmed, Jstor, and others. As secondary sources relevant internet web sites will be utilized and online accessible .pdf files will be incorporated as well. Also there are a good number of family magazines that carry articles on this topic which will be put to good usage as essential elements to back up the relevant statements needing validity in the research.
A common misconception about the prevention of teen pregnancy is that the increase of contraception availability will result in an increase of pregnancies. Most adults seem to think that if schools were to begin dispensing birth control products, it would make teenagers more likely to engage in sexual activities. This ties in very closely with the ever-growing debate of legal abortions. ...
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