at the end of the play, Othello has agreed to the death of Cassio and has himself killed Desdemona. In 750 words, explain how iago has managed to lead othello to this position.

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Othello, one of the most celebrated tragedies by Shakespeare, is commendable for its characterization, and the character of Iago illustrates best the master playwright's gift for characterization. Iago is one of the most noxious villains of Shakespearean characters and he cleverly plans all the tragic events of the play.


Iago influences Cassio which leads the latter into dishonoring himself and insists on Roderigo to murder him. In his attempt to revenge Othello, Iago also convinces him of Desdemona's disloyalty and influences him into slaying his wife. Therefore, all through the play, Iago is involved in plotting his plans and maneuvering his revenge. Othello, by the end of the play, agrees to Iago to the death of Cassio while he himself kills Desdemona. It is mainly due to the intriguing plans of the character Iago that such tragic situations occur in the life of Othello. Iago manages to influence the other characters of the play in his natural way and his wicked designs determine the destiny of the other characters.
Over the several years in the office as ensign to Othello, Iago is has achieved the trust of the general to become his most faithful advisor. It is on the basis of this unquestionable trust that the character develops all his plans and he becomes successful in persuading Othello to relegate Cassio and later to cause the downfall of the Major himself. An understanding of the plot of the play confirms how effectively Iago manipulates the other characters to believe and trust him completely and to play the roles in his revenge plot, as designed by him. ...
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