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Essay example - Unit Length Mix

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Not so long ago when industries and its advertisers had produced :30s advertisements. The longer the ads run over television networks, the more effective the ads become. The same situation holds true with the pod length. In addition, studies were also conducted to find out which pod position is more effective.

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Furthermore, more and more studies were conducted to find out the effectiveness of the :15s in comparison to the :30s. This situation resulted from the rumors in 1983 as an effect of the Burke Research report that said 15-seconder commercials are 91% as effective as the 30-seconder ads. (Pre-Testing Co., 2004)
Industries are continuously considering the use of :15s for introducing new products. According to the ARS Group's integrated database, 18% of the top 50 new product ads of 2000 were :15s, and had risen to 24% in 2001. (Better Practices in Advertising, 2002) And recently, according to the Media IQ evaluation, :15s now account for more than 36% of all commercial inventory sold by the broadcast networks for which the range increases to nearly two-thirds of all units sold in some dayparts - particularly the daytime. (Bergantini-Grillo, 2005)
However, 15-seconder advertisements are not yet the shortest of commercials aired over the television. Ten-seconder, as well as 5-seconder ads are at the same time attracting the attention of the advertisers and the industries, such that of the General Motors Corporation's Cadillac. But along with these changes in the pod length, pod position is also considered as it is found significant in attaining the goals of the advertisers - an increase in the product recall and especially an increase in the product sales. (Steinberg, 2005)
Automotive indus ...
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