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Professional Achievements

Her appreciation for the literature, music and visual arts must have made a tremendous impact on me as my love for these subjects and academia grew passionately stronger.
All the while, the dull aching of my father's rejection still plagued me. Because the rejection started at an early age, I could not understand it and as a child, I took his lack of attention and busyness personally. But my new family contributed to the self-esteem and security that slowly developed within me and this helped me to find the balance I needed to seek therapy and deal with the rejection that I felt. It was not an easy process and with heart-touching memories, it took many years to process through until I could finally see the through eyes of my father--an extremely preoccupied single man struggling to do what he knew in order to provide for five children. Looking back, I am thankful for my past as it has made me stronger and able to pursue the dreams I have envisioned for so long.
Upon graduation from the Liberal Arts College with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology, I pursued course work in women's studies at Columbia University and the University of Amsterdam. Then I moved from colorful Amsterdam in 2003 and worked with a DC economic development organization, National Capital Revitalization Corporation (NCRC). The company
combined their talents with national and local real estate developers, leading financial instit ...
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My father, a journalist and professor at Sorbonne and a single parent, did not have much time to spend with his four daughters. We did not get the attention that we needed and as a youngster I felt that he never accepted me as his child. This may have stemmed from my child mind's eye…
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