Website Development.The Recommended Activities. Part 4.

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After creating a good site structure, everything else will fall into place. It can't help but do so! A well-designed structure makes it easy to define a navigation system, and the two together make designing page layouts and templates a snap.


4). The purpose of this paper is to read through Lesson 4, and carry out as many of the recommended activities as possible.

This particular portion of the tutorial is concerned with building site structure. According to the author, there are four components of building site structure, and they are as follows: metaphor exploration, set it in stone, define navigation, and design your document (Shiple, 1998).

The first step of this section of the tutorial is metaphor exploration. The author explains that there are three different types of metaphors that apply here: organizational, functional, and visual. Organizational metaphors are based on the existing structure of an organization. Functional metaphors link tasks that can be performed on the site with those that can be performed elsewhere. Visual metaphors are based on graphics that are familiar to most people within a particular culture (Shiple, 2008).
The second step of this part of the processis to set it in stone. "Now that you have a rationale for the site structure, you'll want to set it in stone. You can start off by creating a text-based, hierarchical map of the site, called the "site structure listing" (Shiple, 2008, pg. 4)
The fourth step of the process is to define navigation. "Take a look at the site structure listing. ...
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