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Experiences as a Writer

Reflecting on why I did this, I recalled my behavior as a little boy. Making, running, doing, talking, seeking new adventures all appealed to me much more than sitting with a book or listening to stories. I wanted to be in there with Tom and Jerry, or outfoxing Wylie Coyote, like Road Runner. My mom would insist that homework was finished before I could go out to play. I gave it the least time and attention, when it came to writing, but looking back, I see how much history and heroic people and actions captured my imagination. But I felt frustrated and inadequate because of my inability to put my thoughts down on paper with the right words. So I used the bare minimum, just to get me through. I realize that comics helped me to read; I related to this form of the written word because of its sparseness - I wrote like the speech bubbles.
I have never forgotten the humiliation I felt when, at the age of around ten years old, the teacher read my journal to the class, on the subject of "What I did in summer vacation." My entry was a mere two lines, as follows: "We swam, we rode bikes. I climbed some trees and got a new skateboard. It was fun." The whole class laughed, because they knew she expected them to, joining in her ridicule. ...
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As soon as I began to think more deeply about this topic, I realized how little enjoyment I got out of writing throughout my school years. When I examined the reasons why this was, I discovered that my main barrier to any pleasure from writing was my difficulty with taking my experiences and imagination, and converting them to the written word…
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