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Technology managment vs. Traditional managment

Technological Management involves developing an understanding of technology and its impact on all areas of an industry, its members and their activities. Technological Management includes: goods and services; production processes; information and communications; transport and distribution; society, politics and economics. "Technology Management may be more appropriately characterized as a "discipline" than a "field." (Article,). So, technology management is aimed to coordinate only a technological process in contrast to traditional management which coordinates all levels of the organizational structure including their interaction and performance.
In contrast to technology management, traditional management concerns with managing those resources of an enterprise that are required to produce the goods or services to be sold to consumers or other organizations. The balance of power has undoubtedly shifted to traditional management who now has more choice over how it conducts relationships with their employees and process. The main functions of traditional management in industrial relations objectives are: control the work process; secure cost-effectiveness; reassert managerial authority; move towards a more unitary and individualistic approach (Boone, Kurtz, 1992). ...
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Changing economic environment and globalization process has a great impact on the management science, and compel to specify concepts of management and its fields. Technology management connected with the traditional management and borrows basic concepts from it…
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