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AIPT Nomination Speech

Hence, if elected, my well-rounded background will be an ample contribution to catalyze the enhancement of AIPT.
Direct Access stood as a long-awaited victory of our profession. Our focus now should concentrate more on the appropriate insurance reimbursement for Direct Access patients. Other important issues that need attention are the existence of POPTS, the practice of PT by non-licensed individuals and corporations, the challenge of PTs to continue performing spinal manipulation and electrophysiology testing and the Medicare CAP. However, Insurance Reimbursement should still be at the top of our list. After all, we first have to survive as businesses before we are able to forward other undertakings.As aCo-Chair of the AIPT, I will fully commit myself in developing a strategy that will prevent or even reverse declines in insurance reimbursement. Here, I suggest a rather aggressive strategy involving tough negotiations, use of statistical data that reflect practice patterns, the power of public relations and active participation of all members. Also, the major trend shaping health care leadership presently is the trend toward leading across a network of partners, as opposed to leading down a hierarchical organization. ...
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It is with great honor and privilege to accept the nomination to become the Co-Chair of the AIPT. As we all know, the past Co-Chairs have contributed much in advancing the goals of AIPT. Thus, the role of the new Co-Chairs will be very vital in continuing their predecessors' endeavors to further empower our organization…
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