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Mackinsey and Company

The challenge is that it is extremely difficult for modern leader-managers to motivate and inspire employees, analyze their needs and meet these needs. Lack of leadership and management skills may lead to a failure, low productivity and poor organizational performance. In modern environment, the main challenge is that leader-manager deals with culturally and economically diverse workforce, so he/she should be well aware of motivational theories and their practical application. Combs (2002) pays a special attention to leadership challenges and motivational problems typical for modern organizations. Motivation is one of the main factors which influence productivity and morale, feelings and human relations in the workplace. There are different theories of motivation which try to explain human needs and intentions, intrinsic and extrinsic drivers. People with a high degree of achievement motivation are more persistent, realistic, and action-minded than people with other kinds of motivational patterns.
Silva (2005), Schultz (2003) and Meuse and Claire (2007) show that motivation has changed influenced by external and internal stimuli.This does not necessarily make them more productive; that seems to depend on whether the task requires some degree of personal initiative or inventiveness. ...
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The main problem of McKinsey is diversity and motivation problems caused by international environment and new workplace relations. New relations and tasks can reduce motivation and threaten project outcomes. In order to improve and prevent these problems, management should motivate and inspire employees coming from different backgrounds.
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