Health Education in Public Schools

High school
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As a preliminary matter, it has been demonstrated repeatedly that student health and performance at school are related; the important questions addressed by the California Health Framework, therefore, seek to pursue a more comprehensive definition and approach to student health in an effort to provide students with the best opportunities to succeed as healthy individuals and as healthy students.


It has been noted, for instance, that "Children and adolescents are more likely to practice healthy behaviors when those behaviors are broadly supported at school, at home, and in the community" (Health Framework: 11). This broad type of support, therefore, must draw on people from the school itself, from the students' support network at home, and from relevant health care and other professionals in the community. The best way to gain support is by enlisting networked groups, explaining the objective links between student health and performance, and then implementing a coordinated program with regular assessment periods. This is so important at these levels because, as the data demonstrates,
A variety of risk factors influence whether or not a child will be healthy and will maintain a commitment to health. The school, the home, the community, and the peer group are four major areas of a child's life in which these risk factors may be found. ...
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