Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation How Effective Is It

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There are a multiple number of treatments and an unending supply of practitioners offering their services and promising a guarantee of success on how to stop smoking. An individual who wants to stop smoking will usually look for the easiest way to do so, and hypnotherapy would seem to be quick and easy.


It is not considered useful for physical problems but is said to help if there is any kind of psychological aspect, for instance, phantom pain from an amputated leg. It can help, but it is not a cure.
According to one advocate of hypnotherapy, the process is more than hypnosis. It is a partnership between practitioner and patient (Annamalay 1). Even so, the willingness of the client to share control with the practitioner is paramount. The main question becomes: Is hypnotherapy a useful technique or is it actually a profession, a business set up for profit with no real guarantees, even though money-back guarantees are rampant Is it considered a legitimate process in the health field This essay will attempt to explore the hypnotherapist's role in smoking cessation, how much depends on the client personally, how effective the process has been and whether it is a proven source of help for the smoker to cure his or her addiction.
Can one discuss hypnotherapy in the 21st century without acknowledging it as part of holistic health The debate continues as to whether or not hypnotherapy is a preferred treatment for tobacco addiction. It must be noted that smoking is an addiction developed over time, basically through dependence on nicotine, a known addictive drug. ...
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