TuiNaTraditional Chinese massage and Sport Therapy

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It is expected that participants treated with a combination of Tui Na and sports massage for an overuse knee injury will have a greater degree of recovery as compared to those who receive only sports massage. It is anticipated that the proposed research shall answer the primary research question: Does Tui Na in combination with sports massage has a positive effect on the recovery from sports injury


Sports research points to rigorous studies in order to determine the best forms of sports massage to maximize the benefits to the health and well being of people taking part in sports (Martin, Zoeller, Robertson, & Lephart, 1998; Jonhagen, Ackerman, Eriksson, Saartok, & Renstrom, 2004). Tui Na, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine massage may be a viable complement to traditional sports massage used in the West.
Overuse knee injury is commonly referred to as patellofemoral syndrome, to describe pain on and around the kneecap (patella). It is most commonly the result of damage to the surface underneath the kneecap, through a blow or fall, of from continuous rubbing on the bone underneath (Devan, Pescatello, Faghri, Anderson, 2004). Other names for the injury are chondramalacia patellae, patella pain syndrome or runner's knee. If the injury is not treated that it becomes a chronic condition that does not respond well to recovery methods. The pain can originate from over-tightness of the illio-tibial band (ITB), with the tendon rubbing on the knee bone. ...
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