How do symphony orchestras manage their members before a song successfully performed in front of the audience

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In an age of globalisation and the unprecedented intensification of competition, management increasingly emerges as the dividing line between organisational success and failure. Management and organisational leadership, if effective and efficient, can render the most complex of business processes uncomplicated and, importantly, contributes to the development of a workplace environment characterised by accountability, cooperation between co-workers, rather than competition, and commitment to the organisation and its goals.


The implication here is that the musicians/organisational members, must subsume themselves into the whole and, rather than perceive of themselves as individuals, see themselves as integral parts of the unit, complimenting and completing the whole.
While there tends to be a dearth in the literature on symphony orchestra management, the few sources which were located for this research unanimously attested to the complexity of managing a symphony orchestra and held the conductor as an exemplification of the total quality manager (Morgan, 1980; Chong, 2000; Rentschler, 2002). Not only is he entirely responsible for the management of orchestra members, musicians, towards the execution of a perfectly timed and completely harmonious and faultless musical performance but his responsibilities include organisational visioning, strategic direction, audience development and fundraising. ...
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