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Management of depression for "David"

Further it will help him undertake measures to help in rehabilitating his father who is an alcoholic so that he can reform and shun his drinking habits. (Veronica, 2001)
The purpose of the appraisal is to help David understand that his predicament can be over and he can be able to get through the tough times he is undergoing. It will also assist David in appreciating himself, accepting his current situations hence taking appropriate measurer to help solve them, assist him in understanding that sharing his problems with others is a healthy more which he should adopt by sharing his worries with some one he can trust, balance work and recreation, avoid reliance on things such as drugs and alcohol, accept his duties of care giving and parenting alone and help him manage his time effectively.
Gough, N. (1992) Defines Enquiry based learning as a learner-centered approach that puts more emphasizes on higher order thinking skills. This occurs in several ways which assist the students to gain academic independence when it comes to self study. Some of them are problem solving, discovery methods, critical and creative activities e.t.c. ...
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User perspective module assessment is an appraisal of the problem under discussion i.e. management of depression for 'David' so as to come up with opinions, suggestions and conclusions that will provide remedial measures to the problems encountered by David.
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