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The Role of Formal Devices in the Poetry of Marianne Moore - Essay Example

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Marianne Moore, the mid 1900s, created a new form of poetry. She developed her own unique form of rhyme scheme in which rhyming occurred other than in the final syllables. In almost all of her poetry, the bulk of which has become a monument to modernism, she explores the technique of counting rhythms by internal rhyme and syllables…

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The Role of Formal Devices in the Poetry of Marianne Moore

She was not merely satisfied with examination issues that other artists were. She collected inspiration from sketches, drawings, sculpture and photographs. She found a wealth of creative energy in normal American life, industry, and the natural varied landscape found in United States. Moore also explore gender and equality issues, which were both risky and subjected her to criticism. Her passion for creating and relating striking visual images is demonstrated in all of her poetry. Moore approach also utilized classical rigid structure. She would create a poem that visually looked like free verse. However, the internal rhyme scheme revealed rigid structure and attention to detail.
"Poetry" by Moore references her dislike for critics because of their treatment for her as a young poet. She makes fun of them in the poem. She comments that critics are unnatural creates like the swan intentional stops itself from holding back what comes down the stream. The critic becomes irritated when he reads her words, like a horse that feels a flea"; like him-like "all of us"-the swan does "not admire what / [it] cannot understand," and wants nothing to do with what the poet has to offer. This poem is obviously personal and regardless of Moore choice of formal devices, the poetry is not contrived and related unresolved emotions over rejection and insult (Slatin 15).
"The Steeple-Jack" by ...
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