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Essay example - Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

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Education gives one a sense of direction and also increases one's level of awareness. An educated individual is looked up to, by the society as a beacon for further development and growth. I am person who believes in the above written lines!…

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In today's world, the field of Medicine is of immense importance to individuals and countries, alike. In this whole process, dentistry in an inevitable part, since apart from medication, the right guidance from professionals in terms of improvement of natural features, is very important to help patients overcome their fear for and grief towards the acceptance of diseased conditions. It also realises that the aesthetic needs of today's world.
The main reason behind applying to the University, is because of the fact that I want to learn more and obtain more knowledge about the subject. I possess a thirst for knowledge regarding this subject, and would like to quench it by taking up this course, as per my passion.
Firstly, talking about my professional strengths, I am a person who seeks to make the most out of every opportunity that comes my way, as I strongly believe that Opportunity knocks the door only once! I also keep myself up-to-date with the current happenings and researches, break-through and inventions in the field of Pharmacy and Healthcare, to make way for improvised quality of output to patients, from my end.
Secondly, coming to my personal strengths; very evidentl ...
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