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Human Resource DevelopmentWrtie academic

The concept of Training Need Analysis has been applied successfully in several corporate companies to depict the learning curve of the employee, and estimate their potential towards the company. This analysis incorporates the skill specific to the requirement of the company only. Prior to recruitment, the hiring is based upon the credibility, achievements and merit of the employee irrespective of its relevance to the actual nature of the job. It is after the recruitment when the employees are evaluated against the requirement of the system, and rather their training plan is developed to improve their understanding and knowledge relevant to the actual need of the employer. The question can be raised that what is the point in the recruitment of the individuals who actually have no relevant knowledge and experience; the answer is that the academic institutions have failed to discuss the actual corporate related issues and in some cases the core industrial and corporate related practices are ignored, therefore the training of the job-seekers continue even after the recruitment. ...
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Human Resource is major challenge for the corporate and multi-national companies. The employee motivational level has surged, and many factors inclusive of financial and non-financial perks are the opportunities expected by the employees. The expectations of the employees are on rise, so are the challenges for the human resource officers and employers…
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