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B. They arrayed the nearly 200 ships they employed in the action in widely separated and non-reinforcing groups, thus depriving themselves of the opportunity for a decisive night action with battleships and cruisers against the surviving U.S. carriers.
A. A lack of unity of command at the operational level in that the Australian commander, General Sir Thomas Blamey, was co-equal with the American, General Douglas MacArthur, which inhibited some operations, but ultimately improved Allied command relationships.
C. The carrier Enterprise, under repairs for the bomb hits she took during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, did not arrive in theater until 24 October and the U.S. would thus have only the carrier Hornet available.
D. lack of aircraft carriers since, after the battle, the U.S. was down to a single carrier and had to rely on the British to provide H.M.S. Victorious until U.S.S. Saratoga returned to Fleet service and other new-construction carriers started to join the Fleet
30. A strategy is only as good as the Material Dimension that supports it. In terms of the U.S. ...
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1.The strategic war plan for the Pacific, which called for a U.S. Navy thrust in force from the Hawaiian Islands westward towards the Philippine Island in support of U.S. Army forces in that region and culminating in a decisive battle with the Imperial Japanese Navy between great battle fleets near the Philippines reflects most closely, which theoretical concept of naval warfare:
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