Why Americans Are So Obsessed With Celebrities?

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Why Americans are so obsessed with celebrities? What is this that makes them bate their breaths awaiting to hear the last gossips from the celebrity world Rhodes (2009) says that Americans are celebrity conscious culture.


The report continues that one in ten was obsessed to the point of being almost psychotic. In other articles Austin (2007) declares that approximately seven million celebrity gossip magazines are sold each week. Why is that Why the lives of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or David Beckham are so fascinating for Americans to drop everything and tune in There are possibly two reasons for this - media, boredom with life and new modern technologies.

Media now has the power to unveil the most intimate moments of celebrities. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not the first two celebrities to go to Namibia. However, they suddenly made headlines when decided to give birth to their child there. Very often the media is not reporting what the celebrities say, but they report on what they think has happened. This somehow disports the whole halo around popular people. The media steals their personal lives and transforms them into gossip food for the public. News reporters prefer to broadcast a celebrity baby than to explain to the audience a nuclear bomb experiment in the Pacific Ocean. Media shapes the image of the Americans - a nation that favours gossips to news of substance. Why do the media choose such a stand They say it is about ratings. TV stations just give the audience what they demand most - more stardom. Media simply responds to the public demands. ...
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