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Mans Relationship to other Life Forms

Even though concepts and theories differ among various creation myths, man's teaching and attributes in its entirety are initially concerned with his direct individual experiences.
Man is well regarded for his impressive knowledge, and because of this God distributed blessings like other life forms to the humans for their benefit. This creation myth according to the Bible has been connected by a number of historical references, wherein man is charged with or linked with having a critical responsibility in the survival of other created life forms. The Bible mentions that the correlation between man's critical thinking and the execution of logical reasoning in order to take care of the other created life forms is clearly relevant. In every case, it is essential for every person to think critically and execute logical decisions so that they will be able to attain excellent results in their decisions. It was a procedure that man attained and learned only through perseverance, dedication, and a dynamic desire towards learning.
The relationship of aspects such as religion, superstition, beliefs and customs are most the time connected to man's responsibility of taking care of other created life forms. ...
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When talking about humans and his relationship with other forms of created life, he is in charge of executing choices and options, however, the stories assert that his critical thinking and immediate evaluations possess some obstacles concerning the knowledge of other created life forms…
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