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IV. Determination of whether or not Thatcher had any option for the resolution of the British labour union problem other than the curtailment of their power should be proceed from an acknowledgement of, and emphasis upon, the fact that union leaders were effectively engaged in the abuse and misuse of labour union power.


As Howe (2006) observes, this is quite possibly because irrespective of her downfall and the rise of New Labour, on both political and economic fronts Britain is still living the consequences of Thatcherism. Among these consequences is the outcome of her confrontation with Britain's Labour Unions which effectively culminated in the demise of the latter and contributed to the downfall of the former (Howe, 2006). Whether or not the severe curtailment of the powers of the labour unions were a positive or negative development, just as whether or not Thatcher was singularly responsible for the stated, are questions worthy of exploration. In investigating these questions, the essay shall argue that while Thatcher's politico-economic policies vis--vis trade and labour unions were fundamental to the reduction of their powers, they were not singularly responsible for the stated curtailment. In addition, when analysed from within the parameters of the government's intentions and its economic vision, there appears to be no other viable option to the reduction of union powers.
Whether or not Thatcher's political and economic policies were responsible for the reduction in the powers of Britain's unions is debatable. ...
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