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Human Resources Management Report

In 2005 a survey was conducted and it was reported by the management of the company that they had over 275 million hits on their website. The motto of the company is that they are trying to create a better life for many people through their products and the business idea of the company also supports the vision of the company and that is it provides furniture at reasonable and affordable prices so that many people can afford their products. The objectives it to make profit and as well as serve the society and the environment. The turnover for IKEA in 2007 was $26.1 billion. The objective of this paper is to show that how can IKEA increase its market share in the industry through the effective use of human resource management. As we know that this paper is about how to increase market share of IKEA in the furniture industry through effective human resources management.
IKEA is a privately owned, international based company. It is an international retail store that sells flat pack furniture, bathrooms, accessories and kitchens all over the world. The company when it started off, it used to sell flat pack designed furniture at reasonable prices but now it is considered to be the world's largest manufacturer of furniture. IKEA has somewhere around 278 outlets in 36 countries, most of the outlets are based in Europe, United States, Australia, Canada and Asia. ...
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IKEA is the abbreviation of Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd and the company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Almhult, Sweden by in 1943, when he only a boy of 17. IKEA is a privately owned, international based company. It is an international retail store that sells flat pack furniture, bathrooms, accessories and kitchens all over the world…
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