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Chewing and Sound Localization

Sound localization is the ability of a listener to identify the source or origin of a sound, in this paper we focus on the factors affecting sound localization, this study is performed to establishing whether chewing has an effect on sound localization. Chewing leads to head movements that may affect sound localization, according to previous studies undertaken head movements affect sound localization.
This paper analysis response from ten participants whose sound localization errors were recorded while and while not chewing, data collected helped test the hypothesis whether chewing affected localization. The following is an analysis of research undertaken by scholars in the past and the results of the study.
Many studies have been undertaken in the past regarding sound localization, however majority of this studies have been undertaken with immobilized heads and very few have been undertaken while respondents were chewing. A study by Wallach (1939) showed that head movements affected sound localization, in his study participants were allowed to rotate their head, tip their head and even pivoting. Results show that head movements affected sound localization by participants. However it was also evident that the sound moved with the head.
Mangles and Runge (1967) sound localization study results showed that Monaural is as good as binaural when movements were allowed, participants were a ...
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Chewing leads to an increase in the mean error of sound localization, this study show that chewing affects sound localization whereby the mean localization error for chewing participants was greater than the mean localization error for non chewing participants…
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