Managing Organisation Change

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When Nonaka took the helm of Sanyo by envisioning the company's new role as a maker of environmentally friendly electronic products, she embarked on an environmental path as opposed to a micro-path where the organizations merely react to change. To a certain extent, by feeling the outside environment, she made Sanyo an organization somehow ready for a world that is constantly evolving.


In an organization equipped for complete learning, communication and structures within the company should be flexible and open - and in a way, Sanyo with Nonaka, could be said to be equipped in these aspects. The process for innovation through the changes that had been introduced, at least was steered towards a cyclical process where learning is continuous as opposed to being linear and discontinuous.
2. How did Nonaka try to revolutionize learning and change and how did this relate to incomplete learning Identify the levels of learning if any. Which typology/s of learning best describes the events in Sanyo
While Nonaka introduced process and systems-related innovation to Sanyo, the changes that she tried to accomplish was only done on a horizontal plane, and did not account the vertical integration of the new vision for the company. The levels of learning were limited to environmental and behavioral directions or cues for the company. However, the leaning was in a way incomplete because the changes did not seep down to the very purpose of the company, that is specifically charting the unique role of Sanyo which has to do with the identity or mission of the company. ...
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