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THEME "Comming of Age"

For this work the author got the appreciations from the critics also.
In this story the main character is Andrew Ender Wiggin, he was selected to a battle school along with his sister Valentine and his sadistic brother Peter. In the course of training, Commander Hyrum Graff recognizes that the boy is an intelligent and worthy than others in the camp. The identity makes him alone in the camp as the all other boys ostracize him from the group and he becomes the topper in the battle school. He wanted to keep away from the position of isolation but it will be impossible for him. He feels discomfort till he receives a letter from his sister Valentine and later he decides to protect her in battle school. Later Wiggin was promoted as a commander of the battle school war game because of his skills and in the battle room he proves his skill through performance and gets the appreciations from the superiors. After some months the hero of the story Wiggin exhausts himself with the heavy work and he becomes tired of the war game and was not in a position to continue there. The restless work in the battle school made Wiggin as pale and inactive. He turns weak psychologically as well as physically. But his superiors as a highly talented identified him and he performed as if he was in real battleground. For the final exam Mazer Rackham, who was the legend in formic wars, trained Wiggin. ...
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The three novels in this essay are related with children and in all the stories considered, the writers elevated the children as heroes. In Enders game, the author Orson Scott Card moulded Wiggin as a hero and his character in this story inspires the children…
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