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Essay example - community education in context in Ireland

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From a broad perspective, we can assess community education's meaning as the 'education catered for a particular community within the confines of the community.' Education in the community is not just about education in the community but also the nurturing of the community, which is the primary concern…

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In Ireland, community education need not be confused with adult education. A community school in Ireland is subsidized entirely and directly by the government. In community schools, both academic and vocational programs are available, but at the same time, the facilities are also used by adult education and community education.
On the other hand, adult education denotes many things. It is virtually worldwide and the fastest-growing facet of education. In third world countries, adult education is utilized to enhance literacy among the adult populace and at the same time, acquainting them with jobs and with knowledge on how to uphold community development. Most frequently, adult education is rampant among depressed or impoverished areas where higher education is not in proximity or cannot be afforded. They offer an alternative yet efficient education to bring a halt to illiteracy, unemployment and underemployment. And although governments of countries play a significant role in the promotion of adult education and community education, the United Nations' UNESCO and the International Bureau of Education play the worldwide regulator and promoter of it.
According to the Anne Ryan of the Department of Adult and Community Education of the National University of Ire ...
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