What words have to do with the human body or the universe?

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The power of words is easier to understand when one thinks about the human body or the universe. As I make this observation, some might question what words have to do with the human body or the universe.


Essays are short descriptions of any object, event, or argument. They begin with a topic, an introductory definition, and go on to provide more information on the topic. Essays can be general, imaginative, reflective and argumentative. General, imaginative and reflective essays, as these words suggest are based on general topics, something one dreams about, or those that occupy your thoughts about an event or an experience.

Argument essays are those that have to be analyzed by evaluating both sides of the topic. That is, the essay has to present the positives and negatives, the pros and cons, the advantages and the disadvantages. Normally, it takes about half an hour to write a 250-300 words essay. With practice and conversance, it is possible to reduce the duration. The writer has to build up his or her general knowledge so that he or she knows something about everything and everything about something. On the topic to be written, the writer has to do some spadework by reading books, articles, and get hold of important and relevant vocabulary and ideas that equip him with materials to conclusively present the essay.

The writing style and techniques charged with emotive expressions, grammar and vocabulary must be authentic and gripping to engage the reader's attention till the last sentence of the essay. Both sides of the argument must follow each other closely so that the essay flows constructively and convincingly through to its logical end.
Words and expressions convey thoughts, deeds and objects. However there are ideas, concepts and facts which though not written down are clearly understood and taken for granted. They are read between the lines and perceptibly reinforce the arguments. ...
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