Managing Strategically in The Public services

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The traditional model of administration was criticized earlier for its inward focus and short term perspective. Both of these shortcomings have altered with the advent of public management, and the public sector now shows more concern with longer term strategy than ever before.


Strategy addresses 'a criucial concern; positioning the organisation to face an increasingly uncertain future; (Bnutt and Backoff 1992 in Hughes p. 132)
The traditional model missed out on the longer term perspective and, by being preoccupied with process, often forgot there was a larger purpose, an overall goal, for any public organisation. Using strategic concepts in the public sector is one way to address these shortcomings. Hughes p. 132
Applications of strategy in the private sector are obvious enough, with considerable advantages resulting from looking a the long term and the external environment, rather than always considering more immediate internal problems. Normal management processes may be adequate for ordinary operations but it is also necessary, from time to time to, reassess the fundamental reason why the organisations exists, what it is trying to do and where it is going. Hughes p.133
Strategic management aims to extend the strategic vision throughout all units of organisation, encompassing every administrative systemThere are two main points to this. First, there needs to be greater integration between planning, management control and the organisational structure; greater integration between the communication and information system; and with the motivational and reward systems - Hughes 136
Strategic planning in the public sector is a phenomenon of gthe early 1980s, significantly later than i ...
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