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Kurt Lewin Planned Change Theories

The most important aspect of an ambulance company is a system that responds to messages fast and assigns the right ambulance to a call depending on the urgency of the call. Several companies have been experiencing problems in the way that they respond to calls and this has called for the need to make some changes that facilitate efficiency in the rendering of services. Several change theories can be used and among these changes include: Lewin's Three Step Change Theory, Lippit's Phases of Change Theory, Prochaska and DiClemente's change Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, etc. The Metropolitan Ambulance Service is responsible for offering ambulance services in Melbourne, Australia. The Ambulance Despatch system in Australia has been challenged by the recent changes especially in technology. These changes have affected their efficiency in offering these services. Several change theories that can help companies in making some necessary changes do exist. With the implementation of these theories, companies will meet their targets in terms of the efficiency of services that are offered. This paper will seek to analyze the Ambulance Despatch system in Australia and the way that the Kurt Lewin Planned change can be applied to help bring the necessary changes.
The planned change theory argues that planned change occurs by design where each and every process is planned. This is as opposed to spontaneous change or change by accident. ...
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Change is one of the requirements that many ambulance companies need in order to render their services effectively. The world is changing everyday. This can be attributed to the advancement in technology that has been taking place in addition to many other factors…
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