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The modern day organisation operates essentially in the public sphere. This implies that its level of competitive advantage is connected with its knowledge management process and the competence level demonstrated by this process.
In this context, knowledge management may be defined as the process of transmitting information regarding various quarters within the organisation's operational sphere to the relevant parties within and outside it.


(Dominique et al, 2001)1
This paper will seek to study the various aspects attached to the field of knowledge management in case of a specific case study. This case study will revolve around a company called International Management Consultants (IMC). In this regard, I will place myself as a report writing expert who will submit a report to the CEO of the firm as regard the analysis of their existing policies and how these should be structured and revamped to form an effective knowledge management system and culture within the organisation. (Payne, 1996)2
This is a fictitious company that has been built for structuring a competent knowledge management system. To start with, it ahs been assumed that this company has a poor knowledge management system. This information has been gathered from brief interviews with the CEO and other officials within the company. Based in the UK since 1998, this firm operates in the following two arenas:
Business Transformation: this includes a class of services aimed at carrying out relevant research and applying the interpretation of the data emanating from the same in order to transform the company and render exponential growth to its operational effectiveness.
Systems and ...
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