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Fundamentals of Job Satisfaction

Participants in the survey were randomly in consideration of the following factors:
There are two common social theories of job satisfaction: the "bottom-up theory" and the "top-down" theory. The bottom-up theory basically states that, individuals have needs whose fulfilment brings about happiness. This theory uses the sum of positive and negative effects to define happiness. If the positive effects are greater than the negative effects, individuals will judge their life as happy. In contrast, top-down theory lays emphasizes on global propensity1. In other words, all individuals have a desire to be happy and this attitude will be the major influence on their lives. Thus, feelings about job satisfaction are generated any one of the two ways: from the bottom up by adding positive effects and subtracting negative ones, or from the top down by the diffusion of one's desire to be happy (Diener & Eunkook, 1999: p.276).
Survey design was utilized for gathering data, for sample purposes the researcher used randomised probability sampling and a sample of 20 employees from different age, gender, nationality, occupation and place of work were chosen for the survey as follows:
It was found that, decision making for Kuwaitis people was very high, their participation in decision making was ...
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Job requirements reflect the technical and administrative controls that have been developed in an organization; however such are also subject to individuals' interpretation. Characteristics of relevant occupational and industrial structures are important in influencing peoples' attitude and behavior at work (Dawson, 1986: 26).
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