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Day of Compassion

This made me conclude that although instinct makes us avoid it, "suffering" can be worthwhile if there is a good reason for it, like writing this paper. Why do I have to spend a few minutes writing this essay instead of hanging out with friends Why do I have to spend a day of compassion The answers came quickly: I want to learn more about others and about myself, because this world, although it's beautiful, can get pretty nasty, and if I don't learn about suffering from others, I may not know how to cope with it. I matured a bit that night.
I made a simple plan for the next day: look for the homeless guy and give him a gift, spend some time to cheer up Annie whose aunt passed away two weeks ago, listen to Jerry as he usually whines about his problems (I think I have more serious problems, but I resolved to listen and find a way to sympathize with him), and be more sensitive and caring when I meet people having a bad day. I never did this before, so I was partly excited and partly afraid.
The next day, I woke up with a terrible headache! I wanted to postpone my plan, but I decided against it, because I realized that if did not tell anyone about how I felt, this could be good for me. ...
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As I have always done, I prepared for this day by learning what compassion really means, so I looked it up in the dictionary. When I found out, I was suddenly afraid because I learned that "passion" and "suffering" are related, and I don't want to suffer…
Author : rickgorczany

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