Safety and Crowd Management

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Large crowds are normal occurrences in public places like parks and stadiums. This is especially so if there is an event that is underway. If the event is commercially motivated, the bigger the crowd the better. However, overcrowding can lead injuries and deaths of the people in the venue.


This makes it possible to ensure security of those who are in attendance.
This paper will be looking at the safety structures and systems in two stadiums, comparing and contrasting them. These will be Adams Park and Wembley Stadium. The security systems and structures in each will be analyzed critically. The writer will also be interested in looking at the impacts of these structures and systems on those people who are attending events in these venues.
It is the duty of an event organizer to provide security for the crowd present. To this end, many organisers put in place safety management systems that are aimed at providing safety for the crowd and at the same time managing it. The risks that are anticipated should be monitored and managed. The event organisers are helped to a great length by safety structures and systems that are already incorporated in the venue, be it a stadium or a park.
Adams Park is one of the largest football stadiums in London. It is located in Buckinghamshire. Since it was opened to the public in 1990, the park has been renovated and expanded periodically. The first expansion was in 1996 while the second was in the year 2001. It was designed to hold approximately eleven thousand fans when full to capacity. Waycombe Wanderers, the resident club, is planning to expand the park to hold 20,000 fans. ...
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