Short and Long Term Consequences of Adolescent Victimization

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There are many short and long term affects of victimization especially in relation to adolescence. Adolescence carries many different emotional and physical responses to biological changes in children and these changes can be affected by violence and abuse sustained by the adolescent.


The understanding of immediate affects abuse would have, how it relates to voluntary behaviors,howvictimization translates from adolescence to adulthood, and how it affects adulthood as a whole would be the main focus.
Being a victim of crime is a common experience for both adolescents and adults. Victimization happens more to adolescents than it does to adults. The outcomes of being a victim of crime tend to be stronger among adolescent victims than adult victims. According to the National Youth Survey study they examined the consequences of adolescent victimization. The survey seems to focus on how being a victim of crime during the adolescent years seems to affect the negative outcomes when they become an adult. These negative outcomes include voluntary behaviors (e.g., committing crime, using illicit drugs) and involuntary outcomes (e.g., mental health problems). The Bulletin begins with an overview of the research literature on the consequences of criminal victimization.
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