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Impact on management science

To answer this question it is necessary to examine the nature of HRM and its role in strategic organizational development and planning. Whilst top management must always accept the need for innovation there is still the decision as to which opportunities it wishes to develop in relation to its resources and those it chooses not to pursue. An effective business strategy depends upon the successful management of opportunities and coordination of HR in order to create a competitive advantage. Taking into account that HRM is not an independent part of business, it is possible to assume that HRM is a strategic activity aimed to respond effectively to changes and business transformations. The basis strategic HRM is that every manager is given a clear idea of the results expected.
The human resources function is now highly specialized and perhaps can be said to be at the centre of conflict between labour and capital. They in effect operate on the 'boundary' between the workforce and the organization.
Human resource management is that part of the process of management that is concerned with the maintenance of human relationships and ensuring the physical well-being of employees so that they give the maximum contribution to efficient working. ...
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The process of globalization has a great impact on management science compelling to specify concepts of HR management and its fields. Every business needs to have a strategy and this strategy must be related to HRM as a core of business. HRM is aimed to lead and direct people within organizations through the deployment and manipulation of human resources…
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