Early Childhood College Essay

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Childhood covers the period of time roughly eleven years for girls and 12 years for boys. It is quite a long period in the life span, a time when the "individual is relatively helpless and dependent on others."(Hurlock, 114) According to Hurlock, childhood begins when the babyhood dependency is over at approximately the age of two years and extends to the time when child becomes sexually mature at approximately 13 years for the average girl and fourteen years for the average boys,"(ibid.) after which they are known as adolescent.


Early childhood they said begins at two years and extends up to six years, while the late childhood starts at six up to the time child becomes sexually mature."(114) According to Hurlock, the importance of this dividing line between early and late childhood is that there is a difference in treatment to children before they enter school and after they had enter the school. She said that, "American children before they reach the compulsory school-entrance age, are treated very differently than they are after they enter school." She pointed out that it is the treatment and expectation they receive from the social group that "influence what this treatment will be that determine when the dividing line occur between the early and late childhood."(114)
Before one can understand fully the stages of human development in the classroom with early childhood, it is important that we point out what these stages are. In the introduction of this paper, the early childhood period extends from two up to six years of age. ...
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