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Improving Decision Making, DB

It is also possible that respondents may have thought of another state or nation which can be applied in the context or scenarios given.
Thus, the first activity demonstrated how reasoning and decision-making are multi-faceted. While there are specific answers to challenges or problems, there are different ways in the manner by which the individual arrived at the answer. That is, the individual may have guessed correctly that for both scenarios, s/he identified the correct nation/state. However, his/her assessment in arriving at the answer may have been contributed by the fact that the facts of both scenarios are unique or somewhat identified to a single country only. For example, the use of the term "party" in the first scenario signified the Communist party Soviet Union was popularly known for in the late 20th century. Similarly, the 1960s was a period of invasion and active political expansion and military movement for the US. ...
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For the set of activities demonstrated, I discovered different principles operating for each (activity). In the first activity, I chose to answer the midpoint response, since there are only two possible answers for each of the scenario depicted. However, the most interesting part of the activity that created an impression on me was the rationale behind the query on the two questions, which showed how Soviet and American actions are not radically different from each other…
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Improving Decision Making, DB
efuted that the reason why people often answer not-so-confidently on these questions was the fact that nations or states are all capable of conducting such actions. That is, since the choice of states to be answered are limited only to the Soviet Union and the US, the questions cannot really accurately determine that indeed, people cannot determine the difference between Soviet and American political actions. It is also possible that respondents may have thought of another state or nation which can be applied in the context or scenarios given.
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