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Marketing serves as one of the key strategic options exercised by organization and plays a very strategic role in defining the overall direction and focus of the organization. Marketing is however, not just limited to selling activities only as it encompasses different activities of strategic nature.


Promotion. Promotional activities include advertising, direct marketing or personal selling, sales promotion, public relations. Based on my personal strengths as well as interests, I am planning to take up a role of junior manager, advertising.
Advertising is a mean through which the goods and services produced by an organization are promoted to the target market of the organization. (Petley, 2003). As such advertisement therefore, encompass many activities which combine together to form an effective promotional message therefore, considering its strategic nature and my personal strengths and ambitions, I would aim at becoming the junior manager-advertising in an organization of high repute. Based on the research conducted, following job description is outlined for a Junior Manager- Advertising: (, 2008)
I am attracted to this job because I am currently pursuing a degree in business education besides I consider myself as an easy going person who can easily communicate with others. I consider myself as a person who likes to meet people and exchange ideas and have the ability to understand the perceptions held by different people in different contexts. Further, this job is also attractive to me because I am creative and have developed an aesthetic sense of appreciating different ideas and works of art.
My immedi ...
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