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Adolescent Development and Behavior

Their bodies change physically. They mature intellectually, and adolescent makes changes which secure their own social identity. Each of these changes pulls direction both from the natural elements in their bodies, and the nurturing environment which is around them. Changes in biology require nature - food, exercise, caloric intake and other environmental contributors. On the other hand, changes in social identity, sexual identity, body image, and position in the pecking order are more a function of the nurturing social network which surrounds the teen than how much food they consume or how much sleep they get each night.Finally, the subject if intellectual development must also be taken into consideration regarding the teen's maturation process. Intellectual development is a function of but nurture and nature. The student can have the best natural environmental surroundings and still mature with the idea that he or she is of diminished intellectual ability. The intellectual maturation process required physiological changes in the adolescent's brain structure. This process also required input from those around the adolescent. The individual must be reinforced, and reassured that their intellectual growth is indeed accomplishing and attaining new levels of intellectual progress in order for the individual to grab a hold of this identity, that they are an intelligent person, and that their thoughts are indeed important and valuable. ...
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The subject of adolescent development is one in which the age long dispute of nurture vs. nature has finally found that the dispute itself is outdated.As adolescents mature,the adolescent body goes through a myriad of changes…
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