Neural System Development

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Neural development is the last to complete but the earliest to begin to develop. It generates the most complex structure within the embryo. It started with a simple neural plate that folds to form a groove then tube open initially at each end. Neural abnormalities are present if one of the openings fails to open (neural tube defects).


(Gill, 2008).
To understand neural development different experimental approaches are done in different model system. The distinction between inherited genetic code (genotype) and the corresponding organism (phenotype) is the cornerstone of biology. Genotype is the one that is inherited from the parents. The complete individual that is formed according to the instructions specified in the genotype is the phenotype. One of the model is the simple genetic encoding, direct genotype-phenotype mapping. Deciding on how to encode the network in the genotype that suitable for the application of the genetic operators is important to evolve neural networks. To be able for an individual at the level of the genotype assumes the form of a string of identical elements; phenotypical characteristics are coded in a uniform manner. The transformation of the genotype into the phenotypical network is called genotype-to-phenotype mapping. (Canglenosi, Nolfi, Parisi). One to one mapping has several drawbacks one of them is scalability. ...
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