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Human Resourses - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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The industrial revolution saw thousands of people migrating to cities, leaving their vocation as farmers, to settle down in industrialized areas in search of jobs that would ensure them a regular income. While this was achieved to a certain extent, the working and living conditions of those people were extremely harsh…

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Human Resourses

This paper analyses the human resources department of a Canadian multinational company called Alcan, in order to evaluate its HR functions.
Presently, the concept of human resources have taken an important place in the policies of not just organizations, but of governments as well. There are many functions related to human resources. It starts from having a strategy for recruitment, because finding the right employee to fill a certain job vacancy is an advantage. The hiring process comes next with applications being scrutinized and different levels of interviews being conducted. Then comes the actual selection process by which the best possible candidates become employees or trainees in the company. The next process is to train the new recruits. Training includes activities directly related to the nature of a person's job. Then comes training in areas that are common to all employees. They include code of conduct, avenues of career advancement, safety procedures, bonus and other compensation plans etc. Performance appraisal is also a part of the HR department's functions. Devising plans for promotions and redundancy and their implementation come next. ...
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