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Short Story - Essay Example

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When he got to Jamaica, Anthony could not stop thinking about what Alena said, the words were like chimes being blown by the wind on a stormy night. He kept thinking that his days of being a bachelor were deteriorating, and that thought just ate him up. After spending five restless nights, Anthony decided that it was time to commit, he had the thought of now or never in his head, he thought that no other woman could be as perfect as Alena, so he rebooked his open ticket and departed Jamaica on Saturday.

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Short Story

Anthony arrived in New York on Sunday, and immediately phoned Alena to ask her out to dinner,. Alena intuitively thought positively, so she gladly said yes. While having dinner that night, Anthony did not know how to begin. It was like all his years of practicing public relations was vacuumed, so he just got to the point where he thought to himself, just ask her to marry you. And so he did. As he had hoped, Alena was thrilled at what she heard and she anxiously accepted Anthony's ring.
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