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Book Report/Review example - Interests Groups

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Book Report/Review
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Interest group system has undergone a drastic transformation during the last decades in the US, although interest groups have been fixtures in the nation's capital from the founding of the Republic. There have been several studies and works on interest groups and their workings which contribute to the general understanding of the pertinent roles that these groups play in the economy of the nation…

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Sabatier and Susan M. McLaughlin. The book by Mancur Olson deals with an original theory of group and organizational behavior that splits disciplinary lines and the empirical and historical studies of particular organizations help the author in clarifying his arguments. In this economic analysis, the author covers various important subjects such as political science, sociology, and economics and the main purpose of the author is to observe the extent to which the individuals that share a common interest find it in their individual interest to bear the costs of the organizational effort. In Mobilizing Interest Groups in America, Jack Walker attempts "to answer a fundamental question about the interest-group system: whom does it represent and, just as important, whom does it leave out One of my primary goals is to identify the forces behind the recent expansion in the number of interest groups at the national level if government. ...
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