The distribution of Gun making and how companies’ launch gun safety programs

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There is a very large and illegal secondary market that makes the guns to be easily available globally to the juveniles, the criminals and the other people who have been prohibited by the law from the acquisition of these products.


However there has been a launch on the gun safety programs that have instigated various distribution strategies.The action program has a very effective current distribution strategy. The strategy ensures that the program will work so as to bring very significant changes in the way in which the gun industry makes its distribution of the firearms. The strategy aims at limiting the ease with which the juveniles and the criminals can obtain the guns since this is a very critical issue globally.On the other hand the strategy regulates the gun manufacturers who distribute guns through systems that are known to divert a large numbers of the guns to the illegal secondary markets. Similarly the strategy focuses on reducing the steady supply of the weapons to the criminals and the juveniles and also the circumventing of the federal and state laws that have been designed to prevent the acquisition of the guns by such individuals. The action program has the following strategies in gun distribution
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