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impact of the Golden Exiles on the cities economic growth and solidarity among its immigrant community - Essay Example

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impact of the Golden Exiles on the cities economic growth and solidarity among its immigrant community

The initial group of Cuban self-exiles known as the "Golden Exiles" was responsible for establishing a prosperous and atypical exile community that would to this day exercise considerable influence over all early and subsequent Latin American immigrants living in Miami.
. The Cubans who left the island for Miami after the Cuban Revolution of 1959 were on a political mission, they were to form a counter-revolutionary front, however to avoid nationalization of their assets they left with as much money as they could and it is this salvaged wealth that became the capital for businesses set up by Cuban-American entrepreneurs. This group was comprised of many professional who were educated, experienced and held well-established connections. For this they were able to contribute to the economic and social growth of the area in which they settled.
Many other Latin Americans who later migrated to the US were also seeking political asylum as was the case with many Nicaraguans who were fleeing the dictatorial Samoza regime during the later years of the 1970s. However, desperate economic circumstances and poor living conditions soon replaced these political issues as the main reason for immigration throughout Latin America. ...
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Immigration, both legal and illegal is a major issue of contention for foreign policy makers in the United States of America. Immigrants from throughout Latin America have traditionally chosen the US as their destination of choice whether they want to escape political persecution, to gain financial security or to simply start anew…
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