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Classmates Evaluation - Personal Statement Example

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High school
Author : wkuhic
Personal Statement
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Cortney Black: This classmate of mine is a perfect example of an effective leader. She is helpful to other people, responsible in her tasks, and smart. She can efficiently lead by being a very good example to her teammates.
For example, out of the market dynamics group, she was the one who stand up and decide to be the compiler of their team…

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Classmates Evaluation

Donald Brown: At first, Donald seems to be just an ordinary classmate with nothing really special about him. However, as time went by I notice a characteristic which sets him apart from a typical student. Different from the rest of us, I can say that he has deep sense of responsibility making him punctual in submitting individual requirements and his tasks for group projects.
Arosha Desilva: Arosha is one of a kind and deviates from my expectations of what a typical guy should be like. First of all, he disproves my misconception that organization is out of a man's vocabulary. Seeing his lecture notebook and handouts for the first time, am amazed at how systematic he can be. Second, I always thought women should be nurturing and men should be authoritative. But not with him-having him in my group is an honor because he was always there to support me especially at times when I am losing my confidence. His calm personality enables him to manage stress and helps me focus on the job at hand. This trait stood out while we were on the process of writing the report and juggling it with our other individual requirements. Lastly, who says all guys are more tech savvy than girls Well, everyone has his own set of strengths and weaknesses. Computer skill is definitely not of Arosha's strong points.
Sean Detorres: Sean ...
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